Jackson Hole Real Estate Associates offers the most comprehensive online marketing presence for our listings of any real estate company in the region. We have designed our digital strategy to give buyers the detailed property information they want and to ensure they are able to gain the information on your property in the most convenient way.


Your listing will be part of the most extensive online marketing program, which submits your property to over 160 publishers reaching home buyers on more than 900 websites. Our syndicated listings receive over 900K search views and 115K detail views a month. Your property will also be sydicated to Zillow, Trulia and Realtor.com, the largest and most complete home search on the web. Our listings on Realtor.com receive over 600,000 displays and views a month.


We will feature your property on our company websites JHREA.com, STARVALLEYREALESTATE.com, JHREAtetonvalley.com and WESTERNRANCHES.com, which receive over 110,000 visits and 550,000 pageviews annually.


Robust search engine optimization, search engine marketing, and inbound marketing campaigns attract thousands of qualified visitors to the website each month. We make sure buyers can quickly find your property. Jackson Hole Real Estate Associates is actively involved in social media. Properties benefit from additional exposure on social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Vimeo, YouTube, Instagram, Pinterest, and more.


Displaying the world’s finest properties in excess of US$1 million, Christiesrealestate.com is one of the most popular luxury real estate sites in the industry. With annual pageviews averaging 490 Million and over 60% international visitors, your listings will be viewed by qualified buyers from all over the world.

Properties on the site also benefit from additional exposure on the websites of select online luxury media outlets:

  • WSJ.com
  • Europe.wsj.com
  • Asia.wsj.com
  • India.wsj.com
  • Lat.wsj.com
  • Cn.wsj.com (China)
  • Mansion Global English
  • Mansion Global Chinese
  • Mansion Global Spanish
  • CountryLife.co.uk
  • Propgoluxury.com (US and Asia)
  • NYTimes.com
  • Financial Times
  • Zaobao.com

Christie’s International Real Estate has an exclusive partnership with Zaobao.com, published in Chinese, reaches more than 4 million affluent Chinese consumers per month, with 18 million visits monthly and over 148 million page views. Visitors are highly engaged with the site’s content with an exceptional average session time per visitor of 19 minutes.


Your property will be displayed on Leading Real Estate Companies of the World’s website LeadingRE.com, and it will immediately be connected to the websites of over 500 of our affiliated real estate firms in the world. With 128,000 talented associates around the world, LeadingRE exposes your property to buyers on six continents ensuring more eyes on your property.


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