REALM, founded by one of Jackson Hole Real Estate Associates Owners, Julie Faupel, gives Jackson Hole Real Estate Associates an unparalleled advantage when compared to competitors. Especially in times like we are experiencing today. 

REALM is the first collaborative global real estate collective that offers technology and services to optimize the unique experiences, lifestyles and passions of clients and customers. REALM’s unique position in the global real estate niche uses proprietary technology matching lifestyle and passion, rather than property criteria, via a curated content platform integrating machine learning and artificial intelligence. 

The REALM global network includes: Jackson Hole, Chicago, New York, Miami, Dallas, Los Angeles, Costa Rica, Argentina, Cape Town, Dubai, San Francisco, Morocco, UK, Paris, Switzerland, and Beijing. 

In Julie’s latest interview with Leaders Magazine she states, “REALM elevates the level of service that we’re able to provide because we’re making more educated recommendations. It will allow a network of the top performing real estate professionals in each market to provide a much more curated experience for their clients because of this technology.” LEADERS-Julie-Faupel-REALM

When working with an industry professional from Jackson Hole Real Estate Associates, you also have access to a REALM professional, as they are one in the same. To learn more about the profound opportunity REALM brings to the table, read the full Leaders Magazine article here. 

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