Driving south on highway 89, one might notice the Palisades Reservoir’s stillness and the crisp October air welcoming travelers and locals alike to Star Valley. Situated at the base of the Salt River Range are numerous mountain towns comprised of charming neighborhoods whose growth is supported by the spotlight on its surroundings from Jackson Hole, to the national forests, and the amenities that these undeveloped lands offer- to only name a few.

Alpine’s neighborhoods are known for offering commuters a quick drive to Jackson and property near the Palisades. Here, hobbyists can enjoy a world class fly-in community where properties boast their own hangars, or fast access to an abundance of water activities. One of Alpine’s well-known attractions, Greys River Road, is easily accessible from downtown. Depending on the time of year, this road is a mecca for hunters, fisherman, campers, and snowmobilers alike. As one of the longest undammed rivers in Wyoming, locals can find endless access to the Bridger-Teton National Forest connecting all the way to Hoback Canyon.

Forty-seven miles south of Jackson sits the town of Etna. Still close enough for commuters and an ideal place for locals, Etna is a residential dream for families. Etna Village Estates offers properties within walking distance of Etna Elementary and quick access to the Salt River for outdoor enthusiasts.  One might find themselves closer to Nordic Ranches where hikers can find trails whose switchbacks lead to sweeping valley views or pristine untouched canyon floors.

Star Valley Community Center is essential to family living and lies near the heart of Etna. SVCC wears many hats for the community including a transit stop for residents commuting to surrounding areas from Star Valley to Jackson to Teton Valley. Their calendar features a multitude of events from accounting classes to the Festival of Flies where families learn to tie their own fly fishing bate. SVCC also features a gym, karate and most importantly, meeting places of worship.

Nestled off Highway 89, The Town of Star Valley Ranch is a residential must see.  With an endless choice of recreational activities and properties affordable for an array of budgets, it is truly no wonder that this is one of the largest towns in Star Valley. The Town of Star Valley Ranch recently began working closely with the forest service to develop a trail system that is easily accessible and ready for families to enjoy. Make no mistake, this town is a whole-package deal.

Between the ranches and mountains rests Thayne, an easy contender for one of the most beautiful places in Star Valley. Still surrounded by beautiful canyons and entrances to the Salt River or Bridger-Teton National Forest, this quiet little town is always bustling. Its isolation is quickly offset by a trip to Valley Market for groceries or a drink at Pines Bar. A few miles past town center, Salt River Heights resides on a butte featuring panoramic views of Star Valley. Mountain side residences are sparse in Star Valley as most homes can be found on the valley floor. Though a small community, residents enjoy their custom-built cabins comfortably spread out on the mountain side highlighting privacy from roads and neighbors.

Northern Star Valley, the quintessential west, who was once filled with sleepy little ranching towns is now bursting at the seams with new real estate opportunities. Nevertheless, the expansive valley offers an unparalleled quietness for those who choose to reside here. Our team at Jackson Hole Real Estate Associates of Star Valley understands the importance of solitude and hopes to share it with you. Please contact Jackson Hole Real Estate Associates of Star Valley today to find the unparalleled quietness that is calling you home